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Laffaholics Comedy Club

DeJon  Entertainment presents LaffaHolics Comedy Club & Events. 

Ray DeJon demonstrates his brilliance by continuously highlighting each stage and event production fueled with his mastery of  joke-atomy. This skill is what separates LAFFAHOLICS from other Comedy Clubs & Events. It is not enough to tell a joke, but to understand what components are required within it to achieve a desired result. Real laughter is music to one's ears.

DeJon's talent for witticism has followed him through a multiplicity of production and entertainment. Unparalleled by his range from theatre, television, film, radio, hosting, to stand-up comedy, proceeds'  his larger then life personality. Offering an outcome you can always expect: An intimate environment fueled with your attentiveness by a journey of amusement, magnetized by his ability to blend stage and presence, producing an organic inducement of belly aching laughter!

Sharing the stage with most critically acclaimed artists: Kevin Heart, Bill Belamy, Talent, Mike Epps, Sommore, Smokey, Ed Lover, Tracy Morgan and many more!

LaffaHolics is family-owned and operated establishment right here in New York, NY. Each event has it's own personal touch. Each event reminds you of the importance laughter holds in one's life.

Let US remind you....


Gospel Comedy

Laffaholics Gospel Comedy Series is a very unique way to present Stand Up Comedy at Churches, Community Centers, Senior Centers and more. Clean fun for all! 

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